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       1. Guidelines for TA- DA-Honorarium of faculty and staff for TEQIP III activities and honorarium for experts for Lecture and attending meeting Click Here>>

       2. International travel guidelines under TEQIP III  Click Here>>

       3. Revision of rates of PhD scholarship Click Here>>


       Form 1:GATE Registration fee refund Click Here>>

       Form 2: Vendor Registration Click Here>>

       Form 3: TADA Claim Click Here>>

       Form 3A: TADA Claim Click Here>>

       Form 4: Request for Expenditure Click Here>> 

       Form 5: Application for Organising an event Click Here>>

       Form 6: Expenditure Details event Click Here>>

       Form 7: Report of Coordinator for event organised Click Here>>

       Form 8: Proposal to attend by Faculty Click Here>>

       Form 9: One page report for attending by participant Click Here>>

       Form 10: Expenditure Details - participating Click Here>>