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Hostels of Assam Engineering College for over half a century have been providing force and fuel to the life and motion of College’s liberal, innovative academic culture. From the day of their establishment, they have been "a home away from home" for a generation of engineers. Though students can choose to be day-scholars, campus living encourages independence and helps students with the ability to adapt. Most of them have even celebrated their Golden Jubilee to mark 50 years of their glorious existence.
Elegantly designed and surrounded by lawns and flower beds, each hostel is divided into a number of blocks and provides residential facilities to undergraduates from all across the state of Assam. There are presently seven boy’s and one girl’s residential complex. All the eight hostels on the campus offer well ventilated, comfortable rooms available on single or double/multi sharing basis. Each hostel has a fully furnished Common Room attached to it that provides moment of leisure as well as a glimpse of laurels earned by the boarders. Apart from it, the hostels boast of a Table-Tennis room, a fully-equipped Gymnasium, 24/7 wifi network with internet access and a spacious Dining-Hall which is maintained hygienically for students to enjoy their meals. The hostels have a cooperative mess that is managed by the boarders themselves. They also subscribe to a large number of national dailies and magazines to keep the students aware of the happenings in the world. To build an all-round personality, the Hostel boarders are actively involved in a large number of co-curricular activities.
Four years in AEC Hostel matures a teen to a grown-up and ultimately into a responsible citizen of this country. The guiding principle for the hostels has been to strive towards excellence upholding the spirit of camaraderie and dignity.
HOSTEL:Hostel 1
TAG LINE :Silent Storm
CAPACITY:85 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Mr. Biswanath Dekaraja
HOSTEL:Hostel 3
TAG LINE :The Best Preachers of the Hostel Spirit
CAPACITY:85 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Mr.Bhaskarjyoti Das
HOSTEL:Hostel 4
TAG LINE :The Diadem Saviours
CAPACITY:85 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Dr.Bimal chandra Deka
HOSTEL:Hostel 5
TAG LINE :Vedi Vini Vici
CAPACITY:120 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Mr.Sasanka Borah
HOSTEL:Hostel 6
TAG LINE :Avant Garde
CAPACITY:110 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Mr.Prasanta Kumar Choudhary
HOSTEL:Hostel 7
TAG LINE :The Tigers
CAPACITY:88 seats 
HOSTEL WARDEN :Mr.Madhurjya Baruah