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Pyrokinesis: Cultural fest of AEC

Pyrokinesis is an effort to enthuse the spirit of technical and cultural exuberance amongst youth. It's a common platform wherein students can showcase their talents and visions.
Pyrokinesis encompasses a wide range of events covering all the areas of interest of the youth of this part of the nation, and the variety of the events is something we have always been proud of. From science and technology to entertainment, from information technology to literature pursuits, all the events at Pyrokinesis have constantly set new benchmarks of excellence in organization and participation.
PYROKINESIS 2012 saw a convergence of institutions like IITG, NIT SILCHAR, JEC, GMC, NERIM, Gauhati Commerce College, Cotton College and enthusiastic participation of students from Don Bosco, Holy Child, Kendriya Vidyalaya amongst others, taking part in the various events like seminars, softwares & computer gaming competitions, debates, quiz, technical paper presentations, school tech exhibition, management workshop etc. The rigorous technical sessions of the daytime was duly compensated in the evenings by the canorous talents displayed by the band Higher On Maiden, a cover band of IRON-MAIDEN from U.K. We at AEC were proud to host a crowd in excess of 20,000+.
It is a matter of great pride in our part that over the years, Pyrokinesis has played host to a galaxy of star performers. From individuals like KK, Mohit Chauhan to world-class bands like Breath-The Floyd Sound, Pentagram, Jal, Parikrama, Mother Jane, Orange Street, The Verbs, Still Waters, to our very own Zubeen Garg ,Angarag mahanta, Dipak Sarma, Somnath Bora, we have always had the best grace our show.
Last Year, PYROKINESIS 2012 invited Mr. Arnab Goswami of TIMES NOW, Prof. D Udaya Kumar of IIT Guwahati, the designer of Rupee Symbol among others and East India Company band and Higher-on Maiden from UK, the official Iron Maiden tribute band and endorsed by Iron Maiden themselves performed in the cultural night.

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